Hi all! I am Charles, better known as Van Hitman, a 23 years young French baker with a huge passion for Goth style, photography and alternative modeling.
I started modeling when two of my friends practically forced me to do a photoshoot and present some of my outfits. I realized I can unleash my creativity this way and started doing shoot after shoot, changing and developing over time.

I like to imagine my world as a romantic, Goth Batcave And I like showcasing my offbeat and unique style that is a mixture of old-time elegance with tattered postapocalyptic vibe and details.
I stepped into the world of makeup quite recently and I still have a long way to go to master foundation and eyeliner and bend those to my will But I am always learning, following tutorials and practicing to make it perfect!
To clear my head after hard day of work and love to go figure skating or swimming. Sports keep me in shape and help release stress. A win-win, situation

I would like to be a good role model for young alternatives and I am glad that I keep meeting models that share my passion. And I seek out those who share my vision to do photoshoots and exchange ideas! In other words, I lure other Goth models into my dark universe.